Hello 👋

My name is Chris 👊 and I’ve been engineering software for over a decade 🔱

While creating side projects during nights & weekends, I began to realize how much time and effort it was taking me. I could write the software myself (advantage), but it takes a really long time to get something that works in front of people (disadvantage).

Software engineers have a bad habbit of going down rabbit holes, and…it just doesn’t matter if the only purpose for a project is to get something in front of an audience, fast.

So I wondered how I could…

🚀 Quickly put a project in front of an audience?

👍 Yet still create a very high quality, functional MVP?

🤯 Without all of the time wasting parts of coding it myself?

My journey into the No Code movement was born out of this desire 🙂

So far I’ve been learning about Webflow, MemberStack, Zapier, Airtable, and Integromat. Amazing tools that allow me to publish a high quality, functional Web Application in a fraction of the time.

Follow along as I create videos, articles, & how-to’s about everything I learn along the way.